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We kick your business to a higher pitch!

Marketing 4.0 is the answer for a successful and comprehensive strategy in mature markets. Our social media and public relations concepts are smart and authentic and also include the link from the digital world into real life.

Also we do internal and external relationship management and communications and create all kind of content.

Two competencies are worth to be highlighted:

Communication concepts and strategies for digital learning and digital schools:

Installing a Smart Board or allowing the students to use a mobile phone during the lessons is not a digital learning strategy or a digital school. For a comprehensive digital learning environment, all school processes must be reviewed and if necessary modified. This goes along with a digital communication strategy, corresponding technical environment and training of teachers and administrative staff.

Emotional marketing with sound branding solutions

Sound and music activate the human audio sense in addition to the common visual solutions in the digital world. 

We are experienced enough to avoid audio pollution and cacophonie – the „too much of it“.

We work remote from Cairo world-wide and will join you locally if required.


Consultant for Public Relations & Marketing 4.0

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